Tonsils And Adenoids

Another area of concern among young patients is tonsils and adenoids. They’re lymphatic tissue in the back of the mouth and throat. They are there primarily to help fight infection when we are young. Nevertheless they can be a problem if they become distended or get infected. Enlarged tonsils and adenoids might hinder proper development of the face and jaw. This is a lot more common than most parents realize.

My own daughter had her tonsils and adenoids removed at the age of 9. She was always exceptionally winded in sports, snoring, breathing out of her mouth and her speech was nasally. Sound familiar?

If you had two meatballs stuck at the back of your throat you would sound the same way. This disorder blocks the airway and restricts breathing through the nose. Children compensate by breathing more through their mouth. Untreated this disorder has negative effects on a child’s facial development.

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